Like the Pizza Guy, A Startup Always Needs to be Delivering

There is no “I” in Startup!


As the days tick down and the excitement for Startup Weekend Dublin is growing I wanted to give a couple of tips on how to get the most of the weekend and after.

On June 6th, entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs will join forces at Google Dublin to spend the weekend contemplating and building the next big thing in tech.  Although big ideas are more likely to see big results it’s the compilation of a bunch of small victories that led to the big execution.  As the title says there is no “I” in Startup.

Startups Are a Team Sport –

One of the most important factors of creating a successful company is team dynamics!  Over the weekend once the idea has been hatched it’s extremely important to learn as much about your team member as possible and evaluate the ability to work together in a productive way.  A few questions to ask the team are:  What would they consider their top three strengths and what role they would like to have in the company?  Do they feel that the idea is worthy of putting more time into it after the weekend is over?  What amount of time can they commit to the project?  Having these questions answered and learning more about the team dynamics is the start to creating a great tech company!

Be Like The Pizza Guy and DELIVER!

Having a big idea is good.  Being able to deliver on that idea GREAT!  The weekend is very short and there is not much big thinking that can happen as it takes up precious time.  Being able to deliver a prototype is what matters and shows that the team can take a vision and make it a reality.  Spend the first few hours thinking and the rest of the weekend doing!  Save the big discussions for when you are certain that the team will continue to work on the project post event.

In closing, the most important thing is to enjoy the weekend, make new friends, learn as much as possible and continue fighting the entrepreneurial fight!  As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

See you on June 6th at Google HQ Dublin!  Don’t forget to say hi to me and team.

Author: Matthew Gonzales (Startup Weekend Dublin Organizing Team Member)

Matthew GonzalesMinimalist – Always Learning Matthew Gonzales is an independent business development and strategy consultant who has worked with startups for over eight years. He spent the last six years living in San Francisco where he is Co-Host at SF New Tech, the bay area’s largest and longest running tech showcase. A recent transplant to Dublin, his goal is to continue to work with startups and help them connect with the bay area tech scene.

If he’s not working you can find him walking around town with a backpack and a smile or out on the golf course! :)


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